How to Organize Home and Organize My Life?

Today I give you a bit more on time management!

We would all like to be less rattled and have everything in place, so how can you organize home and stop asking yourself “how do I organize my life?”

Well you can’t organize your life without organizing your home!

But you can do both quite easily when you follow these time management tips!

Do you cringe at the mess in your home or office? Maybe you’re not even dealing with a mess; you might have things fairly tidy, but maybe you can’t find a single thing when you need it.

Sounds familiar? you need to think about what a good organization strategy can do for your productivity and time management. Being more organized will make your life easier as well as save you time at the end of the day. If you’re interested in organizing your life, little by little, think about these organization strategies:

1. Everything Has Its Place

When you’re organizing your workspace or your living area, everything needs to have a place where it “lives.” For instance, scissors need to live in a specific box or drawer, as do other small things. If something doesn’t have a specific home, it will wander, get lost and generally add to the clutter that pervades your area.

* Take some time to really consider your options when it comes to making sure that everything has a place on a permanent basis.

2. Throw It Away

When you’re looking to de-clutter your workspace, make sure you throw away things that you no longer need. Everyday do a quick purge and get rid of things that pile up on your desk or kitchen counters. This will get you more space and give you a better idea of what is going on in general.

* Daily mail and papers are the biggest clutter culprits. Be sure to throw away any junk right away and file away any important papers. The longer these things stay in a pile, the more likely they will get lost or forgotten.

3. Tidy a Little Bit Every Day

Many of us shudder when it comes to cleaning. If you think that you have to break out the brooms and mops and spend the whole day cleaning, then you’re in for a surprise. The truth is, by spending just ten or twenty minutes a day organizing your space, you’ll be making a huge difference.

* Start with cleaning one area each day. This can be a deep cleaning or just a superficial cleaning but at least you’ll feel productive. Once this becomes a habit, you’ll finish your cleaning faster and have more free time everyday.

4. Set Routines and Learn to Delegate Chores

Keeping a home organized and running smoothly can be difficult, especially if you have a large family. Establish set routines so certain tasks are completed everyday and assign large chores, like laundry, to a specific day of the week. This way you know exactly what chore has to be accomplished everyday.

* Delegate chores to your spouse or children that are age appropriate. Dividing the work among many family members teaches everyone how to work together as a team.

5. Reminders

Get yourself a professional journal or a daily planner and use it. Sometimes just the action of writing something down in a book can really help you remember where you need to be and when.

* Other ways of reminding yourself of important events is to use post-it notes or an organizer on your cell phone. Experiment and use whatever method works best for you and your lifestyle.

No one expects you to go from clutter-bug to super-organized overnight. But by simply implementing a few of these tips into your life, you will re-discover what it’s like to be prepared and organized both in the workplace and at home.

So, by now you should see that its not that hard to organize home!

Home is where the heart is!  Use these time management strategies and the question…”how can I organize my life?” will never come up again!

An Organized Home Means An Organized Life

We live in a society where an organized home is seen as a reflection of one’s own self-worth and accomplishments. Your home must always be seen as inviting and pleasant to live in. Let’s face it, this is your castle and your castle must be clean and serene. This will invoke a feeling of tranquility, both for you and your sporadic visitors.

At times, cleaning can be FUN but if you are anything like me, and I am sure the rest of the world, cleaning can be a very farsighted illusion. It is a constant battle between you and the dirt, dust, dirty wares and even untidy rooms. There never seems to be an end to it all because from the moment you clean one section of your house, it gets dirty again before bed time. Then, you sit there wondering “Will this ever end?” This predicament magnifies with the introduction of children. So in addition to your mess, you have theirs as well. The toys, books, shoes, and all manner of insects and art items scattered from room to room. This can be very frustrating if you do not have tools to aid or guide you along.

A common solution to those problems is by using a house cleaning checklist. My mother always told me you could never go wrong with a checklist. This helps you put the tasks at hand into perspective and allow you to have a better idea on cleaning chores completed and the ones remaining. As you go through the various rooms and chores, be sure to check off the items completed. Organizing your home will never be easier.

You may also want to get your children on board the clean up exercise. It will help you get to know your kids better since you can use that bonding opportunity to speak to your kids about life and subjects which might be on their mind. You can call it a “Breaking the Ice” exercise if you wish while accomplishing the tasks at hand. This will also help them gain more insight into you and your life. They will appreciate the paradise both of you create emotionally and physically. They will see the need for having and keeping a clean house since they will now have a direct understanding of the time it takes to do them.

At the end of it all, you will see the immaculate beauty of having and keeping an organized home is directly related to having an organized life because it benefits everyone around you as a whole and not solely on yourself.

Organizing Home Office Nightmares and How to Put a Stop to Them Once and For All

Running a home business can be somewhat challenging at times and it’s a well known fact that the better organized you are, the smoother your business will tend to run. So in order to prevent organizing home office nightmares, here are some easy tips to help you keep your home office under control.

Delineate between office and home life

There is a murky line between home life and office life when it comes to running a home business. Running a home business provides great flexibility as you can sneak in personal chores and appointments during the day in between your office work. However, there comes a point where the family forget that you are running a business.

They come in to interrupt you at any time of the day and leave a trail of their personal belongings in your office. One way to avoid this problem is to set a clear delineation between your home office and the rest of your home. Put a big sign on the door which says no entry and kindly let other family members know that when the door is closed, this means you are busy dealing with business matters.

Organizing your home office to align with your business goals

If you are going to achieve clarity with your business goals, you will need to get organized so that your office is fit for purpose. Take a good look at your home business office. Is it looking in a state that you would be proud of? Is everything looking organized and ready to receive potential clients? If it isn’t, it is definitely time to take action to organize your office to align with your business goals. Determine the priorities of your business for the upcoming year and organize your business accordingly.

For example, maybe one of your priorities is to focus on working with one major client this year. You have done some preliminary research on this client and have a mountain of paperwork scattered across your desk. Start to get organized so that you can find these documents easily when you next prepare for a meeting with your major client. Open up that filing cabinet and create a new color coded folder for this client. They are a big fish so give them a prominent spot in your filing cabinet, right at the front and in a bright color that you can’t miss.

The Desk

There is no avoiding the state of your desk. Your business affairs revolve around a central point which is your desk. It’s the area which most often requires attention. Take an hour out of your usual schedule and clean up your desk. It’s not going to take hours to get into shape. It will involve just a bit of tweaking here and there. Get started on easy tasks such as filing away a couple of loose papers, clearing out your inbox and outbox, and giving your computer and furniture a wipe down with a clean cloth.

Organizing home office nightmares can be avoided so put a stop to it, once and for all with these easy tips.

Organic Home Gardening Facts

Organic Home Gardening is actually composed of good soil conservation and pest management. And it basically works hand-in-hand with nature. In other words, organic home gardening uses nothing but natural materials. So to be using those chemical fertilizers or artificial pest control products are definitely ruled-out from this process. Using nothing but organic-made products, you can be assured that your soil, plants, and other produce will be given the finest of things.

Now, there are a lot of handy organic gardening tips that you can use but you can start by feeding your soil with some good compost (you can also top it with some leaf mulch as another alternative). We should all remember that a good and healthy soil will be able to nourish everything that is rooted in it, with all the nutrients and minerals that is needed. So let’s say, for a withering plant, a well-aerated and watered soil can help bring this plant back to its optimal health.

It’s also a fact that an organic garden soil plays a big role when it comes to the preservation of any garden. So it’s always advisable to care for your garden soil first before turning to your plants and other produce. It’s that simple. Of course, your soil won’t have everything that it needs to supplement the things rooted to it. It will also need to be nourished with some organic materials. In this way, the soil (especially the ones that are experiencing erosion) will be able to show improvement on their water-retention capability and texture. So when you also add in some organic matter, you are also supplementing them with more nutrients.

Aside from your soil maintenance, you can also go through a few of these organic gardening methods. These natural methods will help you keep a flourishing garden at all times.

  • You can try doing some worm composting. Worms, whether these are red wigglers or nightcrawlers, will help produce for you some organic fertilizer.
  • Red worms are capable of turning your kitchen scraps and garden wastes into a high-quality compost. Their castings are full of nutrients, so you can’t go wrong with using this to supplement your garden.
  • Aside from vermicomposting, you can also try pre-selecting the plants that you will be putting in your garden. It’s best that you know which ones are resistant to diseases.
  • Crop rotation is also another good set-up. So if there are pests wandering about, then giving your crops or other produce a rotation will definitely interrupt their life cycle.
  • Use other kinds of compost, other than worm castings. You can definitely compost other organic stuff that are in the form of kitchen and garden scraps (leaves are also good compost materials).

Practice some organic home gardening, and reap all the benefits to maintaining one. Not only is it an eco-friendly process, it’s also very inexpensive to sustain. This way, you no longer have to worry about using all those toxic stuff, as you’re already given a better alternative to gardening; and also saving the earth from further toxic waste.