Organizing Your Home – 6 Simple Steps To Having an Organized Home FAST

Organizing your home does not have to be difficult. As you walk around your house and see the mess and clutter, do you feel overwhelmed? Every wonder how to start getting organized? It is not as difficult as it may seem. Here are 6 simple steps you can do today that will help you with organizing your home fast. It is not as hard as you might think to have an organized home. You just need to know how to go about it the right way.

What follows here are 6 steps you can do today that will help you get your home organized. What you will find is that if you are going to have an organized home it will require 3 things:

1. There needs to be a catalyst-someone or something that starts the ball rolling. That person is you and by following these 6 steps you will be the person that sets everything in motion. Good for you!

2. There will need to be behavior changes with your family members. There is a good chance your house is filled with clutter because people do not put items in places where they belong when finished using them.

3. Finally, you will need to have a place for everything to be put when not in use. There are many tools and even pieces of furniture that can be used in your home that will help with decluttering and organizing.

Step 1

Get a pad of paper and pen and walk through each room of your home and write down what you see. Identify the areas of clutter and the objects that are making the mess. It is important not to be overwhelmed. You are going to take this step by step and you can do it. Try doing this systematically. Start with walking in the entrance of your home and then take each room one at a time.

For example, here is what you might see in your home entry way: shoes, unopened newspapers, mail and circulars that are left at your door, keys, pet toys, coats, sweaters and more.

Step 2

After you have gone through your home and written down everything that is cluttering up each room, here is what you do. Now write down what can be done to eliminate this clutter. There is very likely a tool or piece of furniture that can provide a place for many items to be placed when not in use.

For example, a wonderful tool for organizing shoes is a shoe storage bench. These are pieces of furniture often found in the entry way of a home where shoes can be placed. Shoes can often be the source of much clutter in the home and a furniture item like this can greatly help with organization, plus they look very attractive.

There are many tools like this that can help you organize and provide a storage place for items that are cluttering up your home. As you write down what needs to be done to eliminate the clutter, identify if there is a tool to place the items in or if it is simply a behavior change that is needed. In many cases it may requires members of your family to begin changing their lazy ways.

Step 3

Now it is time to get the tools you will need that will become home for all the items cluttering up your home. You may already have many of these in and around your home. What you want to do is decide where everything should be put when not in use.

Step 4

Once you have a place for everything it is time to begin the process of cleaning up and getting organized. Take each room one at a time. The idea is to do something with each item. You only have two choices: put it in a place for storage or throw it away.

Step 5

Have a meeting with your family. Gather all family members together and talk about what each person needs to do to help keep the house more organized. Everyone must agree to participate.

Step 6

Recognize that change does not come easy. It is a step by step process. Look at little successes and feel good about them. If there is a set back with family members not cooperating, talk to them again until the new sense or organization become a habit.

How to Organize Home With a Plan

After 10 years have passed of living in your dream house, inside the subdivision you dreamt of, and sharing the same roof with the family you dreamt of having, you suddenly have an idea of renovating your home for a change. This also serves as your excuse to finally dispose of the kitchen cupboards that have become dirty and dilapidated through the years.

You begin the project with a formal plan that you sent to your family for their approval and consideration. You can name this project organize home with the help of a professional home organizer and his staff with the organizer being the home’s interior design artist.

Your plan is once the family approves of your pet project that you would start looking for the best and most affordable home-organizer available in the market today. When you find one a couple of days later, you tell him of how you envision your renovated home to look like once the project is completed.

You provide him a plan to organize home with the help of environment-friendly things and to fill the home with new furniture which are also friendly to the environment or are biodegradable, whichever is more pleasing to see.

You provide him a sketch of the cupboard designs you plan to have. You show him photos from many home magazines that you want to follow for your own home. Finally, you present to him how to go about the renovations, where to start and where it should end in a manner that will not disturb the family’s day-to-day affairs inside the house.

Now it’s his time to provide comments on plans you came up with. He does it according to how feasible and practical the plans you came up with are, how these are going to be applied, and how much the renovation will cost. He also suggests that you organize home with a new coat of paint to adorn the entire house inside and out, giving it a fresh and renewed look. You agree with him and this starts your renovation plans for the home to be.

Since the receiving area has lesser visits, it’s that part of the home where you can start your organization effort. This lasts for a couple of days. Once the area’s make-over is completed, you move on to the family room. Then, the dining area; and finally, it was the haven of your choice’s turn. The kitchen as the last part of the house to be renovated because its the part that requires the most repair work.

When the kitchen is done with its renovation, you can throw a celebration with your family and your crew members as you thank your family for their support and the home organizing group for their hard work. Because of them, your pet project to organize home with this and that became a complete success.

Five Benefits of an Organized Home

Getting organized and becoming clutter free can generate benefits in more than one area of your life. Just starting to declutter and organize your home can make your home function better and life flow a lot easier. Two great benefits are a reduced workload and a lot more free time but decluttering and getting organized can also positively affect your health, prosperity and relationships. Here are a few more benefits of becoming organized.

Just by starting to take a few organizational steps you will find you have more energy and feel more relaxed. You find yourself with larger and larger pockets of free time which you can use to indulge in relaxing activities or to take up a longed for pursuit. You begin to do things you never had time for. You have the ability to focus and work towards what you want to create in your life and the power of an organized life starts to become visible.

The concept of quality begins to manifest in your life. You can focus on developing relationships, caring for your family, and connecting with those who are important to you. You become aware of standards and your shopping habits and preferences change. You develop priorities and begin to act on them.

Decluttering what you no longer need and organizing what you love inspires creativity. Do you have the desire to paint, draw, write, start a business or delve deeper into the creative life you have. Once you begin the organizing process, the focus, inspiration, energy and attitude to do, will grow stronger and stronger.

Your home inspires you. It is a place to rest, relax, love and enjoy. Your sensitivity to beauty and style increases and you become particular to what you surround your self with. Your home supports your values and standards. It allows integrity to manifest and clarity of thinking a daily experience. You no longer are in overwhelmed or distress. Your home is the place where it all comes together. It is a place to flourish.

An organized home is strength in your life and sets foundations for growth and change. A clutter free and organized home assists you in losing weight or becoming fit, changing careers, learning new skills, increasing your financial abundance and living a life you love.

Get an Organized Home – Tip #2 – Purge, Keep, Sell

One thing that is difficult to do is letting go. A lot of people feel this way not only about their relationships, but about their “stuff,” thus creating clutter in their homes and lives. Dealing with this disorganization only adds to stress and general feelings of unhappiness. In order to get an organized home, try this three step tip: purge, keep, and sell.

This is not a new concept, nor even a new tip on an old concept. While watching the TLC show “Clean Sweep,” the organizers on the show, led by Peter Walsh, would employ this system. It was custom-built for television as it provided the viewer with drama, excitement, and inherent conflict between the parts of us that want to save things and the parts that want to trash things.

The premise is simple: all the clutter needs to be separated into three piles – that to purge, that to keep, and that to sell. The pile to sell is important because, frankly, money talks. If you are holding onto something because you believe it has monetary value and no other reason, then sell it and move on. In most cases, the keep pile will be your largest after the first sort, and that is normal.

When you try to get an organized home, you have to look at things with a somewhat objective mind. If you kept everything, there would be no need to continue organizing. Even if you just had to “put away” items which keep piling up, the fact that they are piling up means they are not successfully organized in the first place.

So what would constitute an item going into one of the three piles?

A lot of people, when they work through their first sort, have what can be defined as an epiphany of sort. Most often it is in the form of, “Man, I sure have a lot of junk lying around.” Anything that you are holding onto because you sort of thought it was cute, or maybe you might be able to fix that, or that is a project for when I turn 134 years old… well, those items should most likely go into the purge pile. Broken items, trash, and outdated items just take up space.

Again, most people would have this pile be the largest pile upon an initial sort. There was a reason why you got these items in the first place. You liked them. They hold a sentimental value for you. They are practical. The trick to this pile is to examine the frequency of use. If you have a toaster oven that you received as a wedding present 5 years ago but have not removed from its box, that probably does not need to be in the keep pile. However, if that blender gets used every Saturday evening during your Jimmy Buffett parties, keep it.

A special circumstance is collectors. Collecting items often has multiple reasons to consider. There is probably an emotional component, a monetary component, and a pride component at the very least. No one is saying to discard your collections, but be realistic about them. If they are things you want to display, make sure you have an area to display them. If they are things you wish to pass along to your children, be sure they are securely and safely stored. If, however, they were a passing fad that you got swept up in, perhaps they are not as much a necessity to you now as you felt then. That doesn’t mean your time collecting them was wasted, it was the pursuit which you can collect.

A lot of people who begin organizing will discover several things that they have but never use (see toaster oven example above). Maybe they didn’t know what to do with it or where to put it, maybe they just didn’t think it worked for their lifestyle. Whatever the reason, just because it doesn’t have a place in your home doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a good addition to someone else’s home.

Use eBay, a yard sale, a flea market, craigslist, etc. to make that sell pile go away. Not only will you be bringing in some extra cash, but it will help you get rid of some items with a little less guilt. However, be sure to have an end date for the items that do not sell. Perhaps donate them to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or another charitable organization. It could go towards a tax write-off for you and could still help others with a need.

To get an organized home some tough decisions have to be made. The purge, keep, sell concept forces those decisions on you. Often clutter occurs because we put off those decisions. Make them in this step and the room will start to get bigger and bigger for you.

One final note, several times I have mentioned an “initial” sort. The reason for this descriptor is because most often one sort is not enough. A lot of items you are sorting through might not have seen the light of day in months or years. You may need several sorting sessions to whittle down these items. On additional sorts, force yourself to reduce the keep pile by increasing the sell and purge piles. Set goals for yourself, 10% less, half of the pile, just enough to fit in my closet, etc. These will help you focus and the accomplishment will help spur you on in your quest to getting an organized home.