Get an Organized Home – Tip #3 – Manage Your Time

In an ideal world, you would have all the time you needed to organize your home. The shows on TV make it look easy, with full crews working day and night. Unfortunately, if you want to get an organized home, you have to do it while still maintaining said home. But there is no need to worry, this can be accomplished and also start you down a path of organizing your time in general.

Previously, I have discussed starting small and doing a small area to begin your organizing project. This is the best method for attacking a large scale job, as it gets your momentum going and is normally a project that can be completed in a short period of time. It also provides you with an idea of how long the organizing process will take.

Since most of the organization work will occur when you are off work or on the weekend, or some other time-constrained period, it is very important to know how long certain sections will take to organize. Some items, such as sorting through a lifetime of photographs, may take several days to complete. Others, such as clearing out the old, worn-out shoes in your closet, may only take an hour or two.

Many people who want to get an organized home stop after a couple days. While the reasons vary, and often sound like excuses, a large reason is because their momentum is halted. Someone might start out with the best of intentions but tackles a bigger area than they can handle at that stage. If your living room is a disaster area, pulling out the 24 photo boxes and spreading them all over your living room floor is a recipe for disaster. The project simply won’t be done in time. In time for what? Well, in time to get ready for work, or play with the children, or simply relax at the end of a long day.

Having an unfinished project staring you in the face, especially one which impedes your day-to-day activities, just adds to the frustration level which made you start organizing in the first place. This feeling snowballs and soon you feel that it isn’t worth it. And then the entire project falls by the wayside.

These are normal thoughts and a completely realistic chain of events. For this reason, as much as any other, it is important to manage your time from one step to the next. If you want to get an organized home, you have to have the patience to understand it will not be done overnight. And, once your home is organized, the practice of managing your time will translate into other aspects of your life as well. But small steps first…