Four Simple Ways to Create Inviting Atmosphere

Since your home is your castle, it should be a place with comfortable, inviting atmosphere that welcomes you back after a long day at work. Whether you have a small space and a simple lifestyle or a large house that’s filled with kids and pets, you deserve a home where you can relax in comfortable style.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the place you go to freshen up and rejuvenate. If it’s outdated and uninviting, perhaps it’s time to give it a clean, refreshing look. With a few simple additions, you can create a spa-like atmosphere that welcomes you with relaxing features. Consider adding a soothing rain shower head or invigorating massage jets to your shower. Replace your old worn towels with thick, soft, new towels and add plush bath rugs to the floor, so you can step out of the bathtub or shower in cozy comfort.

Create an Outdoor Room

Whether you have an outdoor deck, patio, or small terrace area in your back yard, you can create a comfortable, inviting outdoor room. You don’t need walls or an enclosure, but you can hang outdoor fabrics or use movable screens to add more privacy. Start with a stylish outdoor rug, several comfortable chairs, and some large, cushy throw pillows. If your budget allows, hire a local remodeling contractor to build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for cozy warmth, so you can enjoy your outdoor room after the sun goes down.

Design an Entertainment Space

After a long day, you need a comfortable place to kick off your shoes and unwind. By turning a spare room into a fun, inviting entertainment space, you can do just that. Imagine a cozy room with a large-screen TV, surround-sound music system, wet bar, wine cooler, beer kegerator, and snack bar. You can enjoy cocktails with friends and movie night with the family. If you have enough space, throw in a couple of pinball machines and arcade games for dad and the kids.

Turn Down the Lights

Bright lighting is great for performing tasks, but it doesn’t create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. By putting your overhead lights, chandeliers, and pendants on dimmers, you can lower lighting and reduce glare. Dimmers are especially important in spaces like the bedroom, dining room, or other areas where you want to create a more intimate, relaxing atmosphere. For drama and romantic appeal, turn down the dimmers and light some beautiful candles.