Some Unique Ideas for Industrial-Style Lighting for Your Home

There are a variety of lighting themes you can adapt for your home. But amongst these different lighting themes, the industrial-style lighting theme is worth a look – not only because it’s practical and efficient, but also because it’s beautiful and oozing with personality. If you want your home to look unique and one-of-a-kind, industrial-style lighting can make a huge amount of difference. But how do you take advantage of the industrial style when it comes to lighting? Here are a few unique ideas for industrial lighting styles for your home.

Make use of the right overhead lighting

Overhead lighting, particularly pendant lighting, is something that many of us associate the most with industrial-style lighting. When we talk about industrial style lighting, we immediately think about pendant lights. These lights, after all, are most closely related to the industrial era. So if you’re looking to have that true industrial-style lighting theme, you should make use of the right overhead lighting. Following are a few ideas:

  • Exposed filament bulbs

Exposed filament bulbs have always been a popular option when it comes to industrial-style lighting because they combine minimalism and practicality with unique appeal. Exposed filament bulb lighting is basically a lighting fixture which is ‘stripped down’, and they’re fast becoming a wonderful option in many cafes and restaurants. If you’re to use exposed filament bulbs as pendant lighting, combine them with metallic holders for a unique, arresting look. You can even hang a number of bulbs from the ceiling in varying heights for a more dramatic feel.

  • Custom industrial lighting

The great thing about the industrial style is that so many items can actually be transformed into lighting fixtures. Some creative minds have made fully-customised lighting fixtures out of basically anything, from wire baskets to reclaimed factory lights and more. It’s just a matter of finding the right supplier and looking for the best unique and customised industrial style lighting for your home.  A lot of reclaimed or salvaged items can be transformed into unique lighting fixtures which can add that authentic vintage-inspired theme to your abode.

Lighting up your kitchen and dining area

Industrial style lighting for your kitchen is a bit trickier, but it can still be done. You can combine simple exposed filament bulbs, for instance, with huge dome pendant light fixtures, and add a few recessed lighting elements such as industrial-style wall lights or spot lights for the right balance between task lighting and ambient lighting.

The same can be done for your dining area, but here’s one tip: don’t go for a dining set. Instead, buy your dining table and chairs individually and mix and match them. This lends a truly unique look to your dining area, and when combined with the right industrial lighting style, can really make for a beautiful room.