Tips to select the optimum rug care services

Rugs are one of the finest elements which make your surroundings look elegant and classic at the same time. Being a responsible owner, this is your duty to make sure that you take proper steps in cleaning and maintaining your rugs so that they lose their shine and beauty. And while you care enough to keep the rug free from dust and other negatives, you must also make sure that you hire the professionals for your rug care services.

Do you know often you rug demands cleaning? Depending on the area of traffic, you can clean the rig once in six months if the traffic is high at the place, and once a year if the surrounding is calm. However, you can also try one of the best techniques to understand when your rug wants cleaning. Try rubbing the palm of your hand on the rug for 15 seconds approx. Did you get dust in your hand? This is trying to alarm you that it’s high time to give your rug, a professional and thorough cleaning. There is a number of cleaning services in the market today to serve you rug washing, but you need to understand that not all the services are alike.

Ask these few questions to your rug care service before hiring them:

  • Give me a reference of at least 5 rugs like mine that you have come across before: Yes! This is only asked to check their efficiency and experience in this work. If they can stand out to refer you even five people, you better move the next door, if your rug is a valuable piece of original wool or silk.
  • The product and skills that you will be using: You need to make sure that the service you hire doesn’t spoil and make your rug poor. It must also not cause the colour of the rug to fade and lose its original shine. Thereby, interrogating them about the products and technique is one of the major things to take into concern.
  • What will be the PH level used for cleaning the wool rug: This is one of the most important questions to ask. A PH level higher than 8.5 can critically damage the wool and make your rug ruthless. Make sure, your picked service doesn’t use soap cleaner which has a higher content of PH level than the optimum.

There are some of the most professional rug care services in Canada which can offer you the extensive and thorough cleaning of your precious rug.