How to Get an Organized Home

People who live in disorganized homes are usually unhappy. If you are desperate to un-clutter your home but just don’t know where to start, read this article to learn some easy tips to help you get an organized home. It is not as hard a task as you think. Most people start to de-clutter homes thinking that it will be very hard. The tips below will show you how to de-clutter, organize and clean your home easily and permanently.

The sense of being overwhelmed often makes people perceive the process of de-cluttering homes as one that is difficult, almost impossible. This emotional resistance can be very hard to overcome. To get an organized home, you should tell yourself that you will spread your clutter organization tasks over a period of time, working only a few minutes every day. Start by imagining how you would de-clutter and organize a specific room in your home, one that is relatively easy to reduce clutter in. Think of the organization solutions that would work in that room and imagine how you could clean the clutter there, a little bit each day. Also try to think of rewards you would give yourself each time you finish a task. This trick is an excellent way to increase your motivation and overcome your negative emotions about your ability to get an organized home.

One room that is easy to clean the clutter in is the laundry room. Empty the room and put all the articles you removed from it in a box. Then spend about five minutes each day to clean the entire room (walls, floors, closets etc). After you have thoroughly cleaned your laundry room, begin putting things back into it. A clutter organization tip that you can use when your de-clutter bedrooms, offices or any other part of your home is to examine each item before you put it back in its original place. To reduce clutter, only replace things that you use regularly. Keep all items that you don’t need or have not used for over a year in the box and store that away, out of sight.

Having cleaned the room and reduced clutter in it, it’s time to organize. Remember, your goal is to get an organized home. One idea you should consider is to use three separate laundry baskets; one for whites, one for colored clothes and sheets etc and one for clean laundry that needs o be folded. Put a label on each basket so other people in the house know where everything belongs. Setting up one or two clothes lines in the laundry room is another clutter organization trick. Make sure you have enough hangers and use the lines to hang up items that you don’t put in the dryer. You can also hang clothes as they come out of the dryer. Using a separate clothes line for each member of the household and asking them to get their clothes and put them away is another excellent idea.

Apply these ideas in other rooms as well to get an organized home in almost no time. Remember to un-clutter your home gradually. Working only a few minutes each day, especially at the beginning, will help overcome the emotional resistance you have about how to de-clutter and organize your home. After de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning one room successfully, your state of mind will be much more positive and you’ll be ready to tackle the rest of the rooms. Don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of each work session!