How to Organize Home With a Plan

After 10 years have passed of living in your dream house, inside the subdivision you dreamt of, and sharing the same roof with the family you dreamt of having, you suddenly have an idea of renovating your home for a change. This also serves as your excuse to finally dispose of the kitchen cupboards that have become dirty and dilapidated through the years.

You begin the project with a formal plan that you sent to your family for their approval and consideration. You can name this project organize home with the help of a professional home organizer and his staff with the organizer being the home’s interior design artist.

Your plan is once the family approves of your pet project that you would start looking for the best and most affordable home-organizer available in the market today. When you find one a couple of days later, you tell him of how you envision your renovated home to look like once the project is completed.

You provide him a plan to organize home with the help of environment-friendly things and to fill the home with new furniture which are also friendly to the environment or are biodegradable, whichever is more pleasing to see.

You provide him a sketch of the cupboard designs you plan to have. You show him photos from many home magazines that you want to follow for your own home. Finally, you present to him how to go about the renovations, where to start and where it should end in a manner that will not disturb the family’s day-to-day affairs inside the house.

Now it’s his time to provide comments on plans you came up with. He does it according to how feasible and practical the plans you came up with are, how these are going to be applied, and how much the renovation will cost. He also suggests that you organize home with a new coat of paint to adorn the entire house inside and out, giving it a fresh and renewed look. You agree with him and this starts your renovation plans for the home to be.

Since the receiving area has lesser visits, it’s that part of the home where you can start your organization effort. This lasts for a couple of days. Once the area’s make-over is completed, you move on to the family room. Then, the dining area; and finally, it was the haven of your choice’s turn. The kitchen as the last part of the house to be renovated because its the part that requires the most repair work.

When the kitchen is done with its renovation, you can throw a celebration with your family and your crew members as you thank your family for their support and the home organizing group for their hard work. Because of them, your pet project to organize home with this and that became a complete success.